Nigerian ‘ogbanje’ claims Jesus is powerless and doesn’t exist (Video)

A Nigerian lady, Chinemerem Obieze who confidently reveals that she’s an Ogbanje has said that the name of Jesus is powerless in their chambers as He doesn’t exist. She says that He only has powers in movies which are fictitious.

In a quite shocking video, the lady is seen having a conversation with a man whom she tells that she’s an “Ogbanje” from birth.

She says that pastors who claim to cast the evil spirits out of her kind, are actually taking their powers and that’s why she can’t be close to any pastor who wants to pray for her so they don’t steal her power.

She then went on to challenge any pastor who’d go to their chambers and call the name of Jesus to see if there’d be any effect.

Source- Yabaleftonline.

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