Nigerian man proposes to lady for washing plates after eating in a restaurant

For washing all the plates after their first date’s meal at a restaurant, a Nigerian man proposed to the woman.

Ichie Ebuka PenCraft, a Facebook user, posted the tale on his timeline and claimed that the individual in question was a buddy.

Ebuka claimed that his friend who had returned from abroad had taken a woman he had met to a sizable restaurant in Wuse for dinner.

He said that when she finished eating, the lady carried the plates and properly washed them. He claimed that the deed impressed his acquaintance, and he quickly proposed to her.

Ebuka continued by saying that the woman washed the plates as a result of the instruction her parents gave her.

“She was raised in a very good family that understands that cleanliness is next to godliness,” he said.

He added that the man will be wedding the lady by December and he has been contracted as the photographer.


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