Nigerian groom walks out on wedding day due to alleged cheating by the bride

Would you knowing take attend your wedding knowing that it won’t hold? Revenage filled in your heart just because of an alligation that is unconfrmed?

While in a viral video, a man did just that to his bride to be at the alter. We could see his best man, the bride and bridesmaid chasing the angry groom down the street as he angrily tells them to leave him alone,

As the bride struggles to catch up with him, begging, he yells to his best man “She cheated on me, she’s been cheating on me“…

When the lady tried to touch him, he seized her bouquet and threw on the ground in anger while warning  her to leave him.

The bg question is, why even appear at the alter? Why did he come to the venue f he knew he was not planning to marry the poor girl.

Wickedness in high places I will say. What do you think?


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