Nigerian Becomes First Black Valedictorian in Texas School in it’s 125 Year History.

Tobechukwu ‘Tobi’ Phillips just made history as the First Black Valedictorian in Alvin High School’s 125 year history.

With a mere number of 86 black students out of a total number of 2,800, Tobechukwu earned a 6.9 cumulative GPA  while scoring A in all her subjects.

As a result of her excellent achievement, Tobechukwu received the Full-Ride Forty Acre Scholarship to study Nursing at the University of Texas – the most prestigious scholarship that the University offers.

In addition to her academic strides, Tobechukwu is a Sunday School teacher, a decorated volleyball and track athlete, a member of the Rho Kappa Honor Society and President of the National Honor Society .


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