Following mixed reactions that have trailed the arrest and trail of Nigerian music star Azeez Fashola,  better known as Niara Marley, Facebook user has explained three sets of Nigerians that have been exposed with the whole saga.

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Niara Marley currently face trial for 11 count charge boarding on advance fee fraud, following his arrest by the anti graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes commission, EFCC.

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This facebook user writes:

This Naira Marley issue has further exposed the three sets of people we have in this country.

1. The ignoramuses; they have no idea what’s going on, but they will sha talk, ka odikwa ka an’eme.

2. People chasing clout; have no one’s interest at heart, but must stay relevant by issuing unsolicited opinions on every matter.

3. Wicked, vile and cunning fraudsters; throwing pity party up and down, guilt tripping the authorities with, “oh, what about the politicians” “Naira Marley is not the problem of this country” blah blah blah. This set want to normalize idiocy so when it gets to their turn, they will get the same lenient treatment as a matter of precedence.

Naira Marley is not only the problem of this country, you, alongside him, are.

Watch this 3rd set carefully. Anytime a politician is even being probed for financial crime, same people will ignore the argument of whether or not they are guilty, the case will turn to, “He’s being probed cos he’s an opposition”, ndi ara.

A man came on the internet, drew attention to himself by justifying crime, got himself arrested. Now he’s facing trial, not punishment o, for what was found on him, not for what he said or the freedom of speech bullshit.
You are here making noise. Have you read all the 11 counts in one charge instituted against him, not one of them relates to what he said, every single one of the 11 counts relates to advance fee fraud, with evidence.
If he’s not guilty, he will be freed.
Tone down with the nuisance you lot are constituting online and let the anti graft agency do their job. Miscreants.

Naira Marley upon appearing in court on Monday for the commencement of the hearing of his case, on Monday, has been remanded in court until may 30, date for resumed hearing.

Source: dailyadvent

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