Naval officer raises alarm as his penis allegedly goes missing in Calabar

Naval officer raises alarm as his p*nis allegedly goes missing in Calabar

A navy officer in Calabar, the capital of Cross River state, has reported that “private part thieves” in the area are responsible for stealing his penis.

A naval officer was patrolling the barracks’ entrance when a young guy who identified himself as Samuel entered and was led to the sentry post for security inspection, according to a Vanguard article.

Azeez, a member of the navy informed reporters;

“When he got to the sentry point, he was asked whom he was looking for and his mission in the barracks but while he was talking with the sentry officer, the man felt an electric jolt around his genitals and behold, when he touched the area, his private had gone.”

Following the alarm raised by the naval officer, the young man was accosted and beaten up with instructions to return the missing genital immediately.

It was also gathered that the alleged genital thief did not say if he was going to return the missing organ and did not deny being responsible for the disappearance of the genital.

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