Nairobi City to Spend Sh100m to Kill Stray Dog

Nairobi county will spend Sh100 million to kill stray dogs in the next one year.

County Director of Veterinary Services Dr Muriithi Muhari said there were more than 50,000 stray dogs every year in the city.

The dogs, he noted, caused disturbance to various business activities, interrupted people attending medical centres, markets and bit school going children and caused road accidents.

The city, he said, was grappling with an influx of stray dogs, adding that 70 out of 85 county wards were hotspots.

Muriithi said they will “humanely” kill all stray dogs using a shot gun similar to the one used on cows so that the canines do not suffer.

“Shooting to kill stray dogs was even recommended by the World Health Organisation,” said Dr Muriithi.

Source: The Star

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