“My Mother Who Came For Omugwu Has Joined My Husband To Torment Me” -Nursing Mother Cries Out

A nursing mother who does not want her identity published has sought readers for advice on how to handle the problem she is currently facing at home.

The woman, who has been having minor arguments with her husband, claims that her mother’s presence in the home has made things worse for her.

“I just gave birth 5weeks ago and since my mother came, she has been looking for ways to cause trouble between my husband and U.

She always wants my husband to see me as a bad person, any time my husband is scolding me she will join him and will be saying I’m bad, this, that, until my husband will calm her down.

Please I’m tired with her attitude. I don’t know how to tell my husband to settle her let her go and she has already told me that she will stay till after our Child’s dedication.

I can’t make decisions in my house because my mother is around, she always wants it her way, if I refuse, she will leave I and my baby and lock herself in her room till my husband comes back, then she will come out and start acting all nice.

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