My Mother Once Slept With a Man While I Was In The Bed With Her – Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson had a very troubled childhood and his mother, Lorna Tyson who passed away before witnessing his child’s excellence in the ring, had a profound impact on the former two-time heavyweight champion.

Mike grew up with his mother in Brownsville, Brooklyn, widely considered as one of the toughest neighborhood’s in New York, which easily drew him into the violent side of the world.

Due to this, in the early days of his life, ‘The Baddest Man on Planet’ experienced what jail looks like. His mother tried hard but failed to raise Tyson in a healthy environment due to limited resources and her own troubled lifestyle. In an episode of Hotboxin’, the 56-year-old claimed that his mother’s death was a good thing to happen to him. He had his own reasoning behind it.

According to him, his mother, who passed away when he was 16 was loving but never had her life together. She used to drink heavily and had many boyfriends. Reportedly, Tyson’s experience with his mother’s boyfriends was never good.

He wrote about this in his book ‘Undisputed truth by Mike Tyson’. In the same book, he shared a traumatizing experience that he believes had a big impact on his life.

Talking about his mother’s love life, Tyson stated that he was basically a mama’s boy till the age of 15. Unlike his other siblings, he used to sleep next to his mother and it turned out to be devastating when her boyfriend shared the bed with her while Tyson was there.

“One time, my mother slept with a man while I was in the bed with her. She probably thought I was asleep. I’m sure it had an impact on me, but that’s just how it was. I got booted to the couch when her boyfriend Eddie Gillison came into the picture. They had a really dysfunctional love affair. I guess that’s why my own relationships were so strange”, Tyson wrote in his book.

In Tyson’s opinion, they shared a sick relationship, but despite that, they were truly in love. Like his mother, Tyson has had several failed relationships before getting married to Lakiha Spicer.

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