“My mom refuses to leave my dad though he has children with other women” – Man explains why marriages don’t last nowadays like those of older generation

In his opinion, pride and a lack of respect are some of the causes of the numerous divorces in today’s society, according to a Nigerian man named Daniel Oteng.

In response to a post on why marriages nowadays don’t endure as long as they did on the past, Oteng made this claim in a Nigerian Facebook community.

He claimed that the lack of tolerance in most young couples is the reason why so many marriages nowadays fail. He argues that despite the fact that his father has children with other women, his mother has refused to leave him, something that the younger generation won’t accept.

Read his post below;

“Let me answer this , my mom is still living with my dad, while my dad has children with other women. Even her own children advised her to leave the marriage, she said never, she will wait end of this. This generation don’t have patience and no atom of respect for each other, Pride, too knowing.”

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