My Husband and I Killed Our Son Because We Saw The Future That He Will Turn to a Demon – Mother

A well-known TikTok couple from Ghana, Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita, have recently been arrested following allegations of their involvement in their own son’s death.

The couple’s motive for committing this horrific act was disclosed by the mother during an interview with BBC News.

She claimed that they took this extreme step because they foresaw a future in which their son would transform into a malevolent being and subsequently generate offspring that would bring destruction upon their homeland.

In an attempt to prevent Ghana from suffering under the reign of their son, the mother explained that they viewed his sacrifice as a necessary measure. 

Their belief was rooted in the conviction that the child was already possessed by an evil spirit, and as he grew older, he would inevitably engage in a multitude of criminal activities.

With great sorrow, she revealed, “My husband and I made the devastating decision to end our son’s life based on our vision of his transformation into a demon.”

“We also perceived that he would propagate further demonic entities that would wreak havoc on Ghana. Our sacrifice was an act committed in the best interest of our country.”

The arrest of the TikTok couple in Ghana has sent shockwaves through the community, raising questions about the extent to which personal beliefs can justify such a heinous crime.

As investigations proceed, authorities will undoubtedly delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding this tragic event, seeking to understand the mindset and motivations behind the parents’ actions.

Meanwhile, the nation grapples with the disturbing notion that a couple who garnered popularity through social media could be embroiled in such a disturbing and heartbreaking incident.

In her words; “My husband and I killed our son because we saw the future that he will turn to a demon. We also saw that when he grows he will give birth to other demons that will destroy Ghana”.

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