“My friend convinced me to cheat on my husband” – Now my kids hate me, it’s all her fault

A mother from Scotland is divorcing her husband of 18 years and leaving their children behind after being persuaded to begin an affair by her best friend.

Lucy, 42, married her high school love and believed she had the ideal family after having two children.

Her friend advised her to have a fling to add excitement to her life after feeling like they had lost their spark.

But after she discovered her hidden lover, chose to leave her husband, and left her kids distraught, everything went wrong.

The mother, who hails from Edinburgh, claims: “I think the issue is that we’re strapped for cash so haven’t been away or spent any quality time together for a really long time.

turned out this way compared to my friend’s affair, but then I’m excited for things to be out in the open and I can start a new life. 

“But I’m also angry at her for suggesting it and persuading me to go through with it because now I’ve got to go through all this pain. 

“If she hadn’t have made me do this I would still be with my husband and kids. 

“My boyfriend actually lives in England so I’m going to move in with him and away from it all, I’m going to leave my old life behind and start out on this new adventure.”

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