Ned Nwoko son Emzy says ‘My Fathers Wealth Is Not My Wealth’.

On his Instagram handle, a post was made today by Emzy whom social media followers alleged is Ned Nwoko son relating to his father.

Reading the post which was made by the young man fater his graduation ceremony today, we can all infer that all is not well in Ned Nwoko little paradise.

Emzy in his comment said:

So You Can Address Me As EMZY, Not As A BILLIONAIRE’S SON

My Fathers Wealth Is Not My Wealth.

1My Mum Has Always Brought Me Up To Be An Independent Gentle Man,
I Hustle For My Own Money.Since He Abandoned Us Right From When I Was A Kid, And Only GOD Has Been My Helper, My Mum Had To Suffer And Grind Just To Make Sure I Go To School And So I Don’t Starve.That Was Why I Had To Take A Pause On My Musical Career. And Now Am A Graduate Of The University Of Port Harcourt, I Dedicate My Certificate To My Mum..🎓

Thanks For Always Being There When Everyone Left, Thanks Mum,For You Never Gave up On Me, I Finally Made You Proud,🙏I Can Now Gladly Get Back To My Music And Am Fully Ready To Unleash The Star In Me.

My Candid Advice To All Fathers Out There, “Never You Abandon Your Child, Simply Because You Don’t Want There Mum Anymore, For You Don’t Know What The Future Holds.

By Monday 20th May 2019.
Will Tell if I will Bear Your Name Anymore.

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