Mr. Macaroni, a comedian, is suing two APC members for allegedly collecting N7 million to support Obi.

Comedy performer and social activist Debo Adedayo, well known by his stage as Mr. Macaroni, has filed a lawsuit against two All Progressives Congress (APC) members for uttering defamatory statements.

Qudus Akanbi and Sadiq, who asserted to have received N7 million from a diaspora group in exchange for their support of Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, were the targets of a complaint he claimed to have asked his lawyers to file.

Akanbi tweeted in November 2022 with the handle @Qdpaper 2;

Because he felt the charge was an attack on his reputation, Macaroni decided to sue him alongside Sadiq.

He disclosed this and the fact that the second respondent had already received a summons in a tweet on his verified Twitter page.

Qudus wrote; “After learning that the producer of the skit had filed a lawsuit;

“Dear Macaroni, you have blocked me and I have blocked you too, you don’t have to look for me I live in Lagos and you also live in Lagos, just tell me the chamber of your lawyer and let me pick up my later. When you are ready I am ready.”

However, in order to handle the letter properly, the comedic act and content producer asked Qudus to provide his full identify.

He shared screenshots of earlier tweets in which Akanbi and other APC backers tormented him and charged him inaccurately.

Mr Macaroni wrote; “Dear Qudus, I have unblocked you.

All I need is your full Government name and your address so that the letter can be properly addressed to you. Pls don’t stress yourself to pick up. You can Dm me or send to the mail in my bio. It will be delivered to you as a valentine gift.

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