Mr Emmanuel CY is demanding Justice from Nigerian government.

From Lifeissues magazine Email.

On Monday 20th of May 2019 his 2 son’s was crushed to death on their way back home from school by Mr Ariwa from isu village in oba idemili-south local government area Anambra state.

The worst part of of it is that the man does not have driving license and he was answering call when the incident happen.

Mr Emmanuel Cy the deceased father said since then Mr Ariwa has not apologized to them but threatening to to do more.

According to Mr Emmanuel Cy he brought this issue to Lifeissues magazine to beg all Nigerians both home and abroad to help him so that Justice will take place.

He wrote.

The man who killed my two sons one is 10 years and the other one is 3 years is threatening to do more. His name is Ariwa from ISU village in Oba town. How can a man do this and still claimed that it’s just a common settlement? He has not apologized to the deceased family. His village people said he killed his mother for ritual purposes.

I Emmanuel CY strongly believes that the death of my children was a mysterious one because there was no blood on their bodies. He almost gave 200k to the police so that they will take him to his house for him to take his ritual power alongside with him. Please, as many that are listening to me should please help me so that justice will take place, I need any form of assistance you can render both financially, I’m totally down, I can’t work or do anything, I lost my sleep and appetite to eat. I need your prayers to sustain me from this shocking news, my heart is bleeding. 💔😭 nothing to hold on to, my life is shattered!

My name is Chimuanya Emmanuel Cyracus my phone number is. +234907 062 7603.

Lifeissues magazine

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