“Most Nigerian women think that dating married guys is preferable” Chdera Slumflower

According to British-Nigerian author Chidera Eggerue, often known as Chidera The Slumflower, most Nigerian women believe that dating married guys is preferable to dating single men.

The fashion blogger from the UK claimed to have spent enough time in Nigeria to have observed that married people offer the ideal dating experiences for Nigerian women.

Chidera claims that while she would have preferred that not to be the case, it is regrettable that this is the reality of the Nigerian dating scene.

In her words;

“I am a Nigerian woman and I’ve lived in Nigeria for long enough to observe, that it is unfortunate what I’m about to say and I wish this wasn’t the case, ok? But it is unfortunate that if you want to get the best dating experience – especially out of African men – specifically Nigerian men, then it has been said severally by women who are involved in this lifestyle, that it is better to date married men.”

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