Months after her wedding, actress Peggy Ovire displays the “marriage gift” she received from coworker Ada Karl.

The movie diva, who wed Fredrick Leonard in November 2022, shared on Instagram the lovely present Ada gave her in place of her being unable to attend the wedding.

Popular Nollywood actress Peggy Ovire recently celebrated her marriage by showcasing the present she received from her friend and coworker Ada Karl on social media.

The movie diva, who married Fredrick Leonard in November 2022, showcased the sweet gift she received from Ada, who was unable to attend the occasion, on Instagram stories.

Peggy proudly displayed the gift, an Air Fryer, and revealed that Ada was unable to attend her wedding since she was traveling outside of the country.

“Awww, Ada Karl sent me a marriage gift today for being out of the country when I got married,”

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