Millions of Naira Don Decay”: Man Opens Iron Piggy Bank, Discovers that All His Money Has Decayed

A viral photo of a young man visiting a bank with his iron savings box sparked a huge response from social media users.

It appears that he had been stashing cash inside the box for a while, intending to discover a sizable sum of cash when he finally opened it.

He sadly found that all of the money in the box had deteriorated when he presented it to a bank.

In a depressing video, bankers were seen hoisting wads of decomposing naira bills as onlookers watched in silence.

Zainab_tinu said:

“Whether we believe it or not, this is one of the reasons that got us where we are today in this country. Cash stored at home or anywhere else has no benefit for anyone even for the saver. You are gradually removing money from circulation. If this money was in a bank for instance, the person will have gotten his money, gotten interest no matter how little and the money would have been turned around.”

Yinkabid stated:

“The heart of man is desperately wicked. People have d1ed in Nigeria because of hunger and people have committed su1c1de because of debt.”

Sweet_ramzy commented:

“I do this well but I pour white powder inside the safe through the hole to avoid stories like this I keep the money for months and it still comes out in good conditions.”

Nikkilaoye reacted:

“So he brought it to the bank so that they would do what? Oti lo, most of it is now worthless and destroyed, there is nothing that can be done with this paper.”

Garland_01 reacted:

“Dam you fit dey save money make you still lose your savings. Nothing is assured spend your money and enjoy life.”

Iamhollycee added:

“Spend your money, enjoy your life you no go hear, Na so so investment and savings, Shey you Dan see?”

Titilayomi_ag noted:

“This goes to prove how fo0lish some people are! They see this paper as asset/ treasure. They ignored others ways of saving in real assets! We will see more!”

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