“Men Do Cry Too”: Georgina Onuoha Shares How Saint Obi’s Marriage Ruined Him Till He Died

A new update on Saint Obi’s life before his death has stirred a lot of reactions on social media.

The actor apparently went quiet after marrying a rich woman, and his career took a downward turn.

According to the piece written by Zik Zulu Okafor and shared by Georgina Onuoah, the movie star’s friends saw less of him, and he was suffering in silence.

Even though the late Obi wanted to live a fulfilled and quiet life, it was clear to those who knew him that he was going through so much, yet he never complained.

The actor, however, returned to his colleagues and revealed his wife’s siblings saw him as a gold digger and how his wife aided them and used the money to obstruct justice.

Despite how much he was loved, Saint Obi died broke as he sold almost all he had to foot his health bills after moving out to his sister’s home.

Excerpt from the long post read:

“About mid last year, however, Obinna took ill. But he told no one. He simply became scarce. He was in and out of hospital, we would later learn. He sold two of his three big SUVs to take proper care of his health and to acquire six camry cars he’d use for Uber. But his vanishing health continued unabated. He seemed to have a premonition of his own passing as he wept repeatedly about not seeing his children. He emaciated. Life took a grim picture.”

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