Medical Doctor Killed In His Hospital In Delta

Dr Uyi Iluobe a young Nigerian doctor, entrepreneur and an ordained minister with the Church of God Mission Ministries, was gruesomely murdered in his privately-owned hospital (Olive clinic) in the town of Oghara-eki by unknown assailants on the evening of 29th December 2022 while everyone was busy with end of year preparations.

At a time when most doctors are dumping the country for greener pastures abroad those who stayed back are falling victims to the poor security situation of the country. Dr Uyi stayed back and established a clinic that provides care to the people of Oghara-eki. His knowledge has been a blessing to the host community as he is well known to the people whom he provides care with love and sense of duty.

Sources close to the family have revealed exclusively that Dr Uyi has received numerous threats in the course of his selfless services either by patients who do not want to pay for services rendered or those who felt that he was a foreigner in the land and should offer free care to them by force. Few days before he was assassinated a gunshot victim was brought to the hospital and in following the laws, he advised that they would need to provide a police report while treatment is commenced but they rather insisted that the victim be treated off police notification. He refused and they took the gunshot victim away angry and furious.

On the day of the attack, he was in the consulting room with a patient (who is currently at large). The patient was said to have come in with severe pains and was being reviewed urgently without registration in medical records when suddenly the assailants came in and shot him dead. The lady (supposed patient) and the assassins left hurriedly in a car parked outside the hospital while other hospital staffs were all lying face down and in fear.

This is the most gruesome manner to kill a doctor who places the wellbeing of the community he serves in high esteem.

The body of the late doctor has been deposited in the mortuary while the security agencies are making efforts to fish out his killers.

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