Man threatening to invite IPOB to Lagos arrested

The Eze Ndigbo of Ajao Estate in Lagos State, Fredrick Nwajagu, was detained after a viral video surfaced of him threatening to invite IPOB to Lagos to protect the Igbo people’s property.

Man threatening to invite IPOB to Lagos arrested

In the wee hours of Saturday, April 1, a joint police and DSS squad detained Nwajagu.

Nwajagu threatened to invite IPOB members to Lagos State in a video that went viral on Friday, March 31. He added that the move was necessary in response to attacks on some Igbo people in the state.

He said: “IPOB, we will invite them. They have no job. All of the IPOB will protect all of our shops. And we have to pay them. We have to mobilize for that. We have to do that.

“We must have our own security so that they will stop attacking us at midnight, in the morning, and in the afternoon.

“When they discover that we have our own security, before they come, they will know that we have our own men there.”

“I am not saying a single word to be hidden. I am not hiding my words; let my words go viral.

“Igbo must get their rights and get standing in Lagos State.”

Subsequently, the police and DSS went after Nwajagu in a midnight raid but he had already fled his palace. He was later traced to a hotel in Ejigbo where he was arrested.

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