Man starts new business for his sister 3 years after her ex took back his store

After experiencing a devastating heartbreak, a Nigerian woman expressed her gratitude to her elder brother for wiping her tears and relieving her suffering.

She claimed that three years after her ex-boyfriend took the business he gave her back, her brother started a new one for her.

The woman claims that when her and her spouse split up in 2020, he took the phone he had purchased together with the store he had just founded.

In 2023, thanks to her brother, she is the proud proprietor of a makeup shop.

In a photo posted on social media she could be seen on her knees giving thanks when she new store was launched.

She shared her story via the caption while showing off the exterior and interior part of the building.

The lady said; “September 12 2020, my ex boyfriend took away my happiness he took back my store and my phone omo I talk waka almost a year I no fit der waka full udu road girls laugh me he even took all my hair and burn them all my friends stab me for back them laugh me but GOD came through for me now 2023 my big brother made me smile again everything no be everything boyfriend der do for you.

Big congratulations to me once again yes I’m single but I always smile cus I no one fall for who go Collet ring from me tomorrow wish me well.”

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