Man sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for raping his female friend

A 24-year-old Harare man was sentenced to 8 years in prison for allegedly raping a friend.

Man sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for raping his female friend

According to reports, the incident took place on January 14, 2023. According to information acquired, Chikore and the complainant found themselves with friends at around 5 o’clock while making preparations for a joint celebration at their home on Banchory Road Mandara. Without being aware of the horror that would soon unfold, the evening continued with supper and beverages.

The complainant retired to her room after a long day and left the door unlocked so her cousin could come in. She had no idea that this straightforward act of trust would undermine her sense of security. She woke at about two in the morning to the horrible sight of Chikore having sex with another person against their will.

Overwhelmed with shock and confusion, the complainant found herself paralyzed, unable to act as Chikore callously violated her. It was only when he completed his act that she could regain her composure. Chikore nonchalantly exited the room, leaving the complainant alone with the emotional scars of his actions.

Hours later, the complainant slowly pieced together the fragments of the traumatic night. Seeking solace, she confided in her cousin, who listened attentively as she recounted the harrowing ordeal. She told her uncle about the distressing incident and implored him to assist in notifying her parents. Without delay, a report was lodged at the ZRP Highlands station, and that was when Chikore was arrested. 

Harare Magistrate, Mr Taurai Manuwere, who presided over the full trial, handed an 8-year jail sentence to the defendant. Initially, the magistrate handed down a 12-year sentence, but in a glimmer of leniency, four years were suspended under the condition that Chikore avoids committing a similar offence within the next five years.

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