Man reportedly hospitalised after discovering that two of his three kids don’t belong to him

A man described how his uncle ended up in the hospital after learning that some of his children were not his biological offspring.

According to the Twitter user @iamridman, his uncle submitted his three children for a DNA test and discovered that he was not the father of two of them.

He allegedly confronted his wife about the paternity fraud, but she showed no remorse; instead, she reportedly urged him to keep raising the children as if they were his own.

After the incident, according to @iamridman, his uncle was taken to the hospital and is currently fighting for his life.

He wrote; “My uncle just did a DNA test and he found out that two out of the three are not his children, then he called his wife and ask her just to confirm about it and the only rubbish she said was that “you can still take them as your own”.

Right now my uncle has been hospitalized fighting for his life to survive.”

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