Man Presumed Dead From Road Accident Found Alive 9-years Later After Cremation

A man thought to have died in a fatal road crash in 2014 has been found alive.

The family of Zhuo Kangluo had proceeded to cremate, remains recovered from the accident scene and thought to be his.

According to The Sun, Zhuo, who was a resident at a nursing home, went missing in China after he escaped from a hospital.

The elderly man had made a surprise appearance in a village and was acting strangely which caught the attention of law enforcement officers.

Through a missing person’s poster, Zhou’s grandson was able to positively identify him. DNA samples that were taken from the man matched that of his brother.

When the young man visited his grandfather, the man began crying and was able to pen down the names of his family members.

According to the Metro, authorities in the country are tirelessly working to identify the man who was mistakenly cremated, thought to be Zhuo.

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