Man left confused after wife conceived again despite him undergoing vasectomy

The fact that his wife became pregnant after having a vasectomy has left a Kenyan man perplexed.

In a TV interview, 36-year-old Medgclay Salano said they agreed he should get a vasectomy after trying unsuccessfully to prevent a third pregnancy. He said the treatment was carried out in July 2022 at a hospital in Navakholo. He claimed that the operation was funded by a non-governmental organization.

He said; 

“We thought about other family planning methods and in most cases, when you think of that, you always think about women. My wife has been using contraceptives since she was 21 years when we got married. I felt it was a burden to her. So we said what can we do to have a long-term solution, she proposed a vasectomy and we agree on that. I was very free with it, and I felt it was my responsibility as a man.

“Doctors did a permanent and irreversible process. The vasectomy was done on July 12, 2022, at the time, doctors assured me that I would be safe after 20 ejaculations which is about three months.”

Months later, his wife missed her period. The two, however, ignored and assumed that it was just a case of irregular periods.

In December, the two visited a hospital for a pregnancy test and confirmed that his wife, Beryl was indeed pregnant. They agreed to keep the baby who is due in June.

The man said doctors explained that his wife may have conceived again because there were sperms left inside the ducts or the procedure failed. He further disclosed that the doctor who performed the operation directed him to conduct a sperm count to establish what happened.

Beryl on her own part said that when her pregnancy was confirmed, she was still in denial. However, she confidently expressed that they both trusted each other and despite the recent mishap, there have never been trust issues in her marriage.

She added; 

“We trust each other and we are believers so there have never had issues of fearing the other party might be up to something bad.”


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