Man is astonished when woman forces him to fill out a questionnaire before consenting to date her

A young man is shocked when a woman who caught his attention sends him a questionnaire to complete prior to her accepting to date him.

A person using the handle @Hawthorne Rob4 on Twitter posted a questionnaire he had received from a potential partner.

He shared a post about his worries and said, “Y’all! What will dating be like in 2023?

The aforementioned questionnaire has 26 questions and 5 possible answers; it may take an hour to complete.

She continued by asking the woman why she would arrange a time-consuming activity before thinking about dating him.

“I figured it was a clever way to cut through some of the bs when meeting someone new. Like if a person won’t take the time to answer a few multiple choice/short answer questions then how much effort would they really be willing to put into getting to know me or building something with me? The idea is to find a like-minded person ready to date with intention.
Since we’re asking questions out of curiosity, what made you I decide not to fill it out?”

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