Man escapes death as huge boulder crushes his car after he stepped out to take a phone call

A Californian man narrowly avoided dying when, just before his automobile was crushed by a massive boulder, he got out to make a phone call.

Mauricio Henao claimed he was stopped at a Malibu parking lot on the Pacific Coast Highway when he got out to answer his phone.

According to KTLA 5, shortly after he exited the vehicle, he heard the “loud crashes” of rocks starting to tumble down the mountain behind him.

Henao told KTLA, “I was in the driver’s seat, walked out, got a call, raced back inside, and when I came out, the car was completely ruined. “When I came out, my car was completely wrecked.

A four-foot boulder crushed the roof of his sedan as rocks and debris obstructed four lanes of traffic, KTLA reported.

“The rock is the size of the whole hood,” Henao told KTLA. “The windshields are all broken, and the frame of the car is just all twisted.”

Henao credits the phone call he received for saving his life, KTLA reported.

“I’m pretty shook up,” Henao told the outlet. “Honestly, I don’t think I’ll park here again after this. I’m a little traumatized by this whole ordeal.”

Nobody was injured during the rockslide, but other vehicles were damaged.

Area resident Nick Kennedy told KTLA that the tumbling rocks “came across the street,” damaging his SUV that was parked in his driveway.

“I’m kind of glad my car was there,” Kennedy told the outlet. “I don’t know if [the rocks] would have gone through the wall of the house and nailed me because my desk is right on the other side of that wall.”

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