Man Ends Relationship With His Partner After She Refused To Delete TikTok

A man has ended his relationship with a lady because she refused to delete TikTok from her smartphone.

In a series of chats leaked on social media, the lady visited the man, but he refused to open his door for her to come in.

The man insisted that the lady must delete the TikTok app on her phone and send her evidence before she would be allowed into the house.

When he refused to open the door, the lady warned him in the leaked chats that if she eventually left, she would never return, but the man rebuffed her.

He kept on insisting that he did not want the TikTok app on her phone and that leaving it there would mean picking the app over him.

The lady left after refusing to delete the popular app. The leaked chats were posted by @jon_d_doe.

See the chats below:

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