Man Commits Suicide Over Economic Hardship In Nigeria (Graph!c Photos)

A Middle-aged man yesterday reportedly committed suicide.

The man, whose identity is yet to be ascertained, was said to have committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree in the vicinity of his residence.

He was said to have done this by climbing on a ladder to be able to tie himself to the tree while he remained suspended on the tree after he kicked away the ladder with his legs.

Why he decided to take his own live has not been known as he was reported to look hale and hearty the last time he was seen by his neighbours before he committed the suicide.

There were, however, speculations that he might have committed suicide because of the prevailing economic hardship In Nigeria.

It was gathered that his decision to take away his own life has left his family members, neighbours and friends bewildered because they had no premonition that he was going to take his live.

His disturbed family members have removed his corpse for burial.

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