A Colombian Musician, Juan Luis Londoño Arias, known professionally as Maluma, has come under fire after he shared a Mother’s Day photo of him kissing his mom passionately.

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Sharing the controversial picture on his Instagram page, The 25-year-old Maluma described his mom, Marlli Arias, as the love of his life.

He captioned the photo, “Feliz día amor de mi vida, FELIZ DÍA MADRE,” which translates to “Happy day love of my life, Happy Mother’s Day.”

Many of his fans didn’t appreciate his gesture and have been dropping sick emojis. In the comments, one fan wrote, “Dude, that’s sick.”

Another argued, “I don’t see anything wrong with pecking your mom in the mouth. It’s a form of affection that doesn’t harm anyone.”

The Colombian singer’s rep has come out to says the smooch is a “cultural thing.” His publicist tells Page Six:

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“The beautiful thing is that he has been accepted in the American music market with open arms, and I think, now, where we are in this world with music, it’s really global. Now people are going to be able to see different sides of our culture in different ways.”

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