“Main guy wasn’t serious” – Lady narrates how she ended up marrying her side boyfriend

Geraldine Peters, a woman from Nigeria, has admitted to having an extramarital affair with the man who later became her husband.

She claimed that when he expressed his interest to her, she told him about her current romantic situation.

She no longer cared that she had a boyfriend when he insisted, so she set terms for him to also become her man and he agreed.

Geraldine claims that even though she is currently wed to her side partner, she has no regrets about cheating on her ex.

She said that she is proud of the decision she took because some boyfriends are just there to waste someone’s time while still cheating on the woman.

Geraldine shared her story in reaction to a Twitter influencer that wrote; The worst line to say to a Woman when trying to woo her is “Pls give me a chance” You done sell yourself less already gee

She said; “You guys & all these standards that hardly works. Do you think you know the billions of women in the world and how they think?, you think every women in the world reacts same?😒. My husband pleaded for a chance when I told him I have a boyfriend, I gave conditions & he accepted.”

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