Lover of singer Paul Okoye, Ivy responds to troll who called her a “broomstick.”

Ivy responded in a funny way, seemingly unconcerned by the offensive remark.

Ivy Ifeoma, the new partner of Nigerian artist Paul Okoye, responded to a troll who called her a broomstick.

Only a few months after Paul Okoye’s official divorce from his ex-wife, the 22-year-old gained notoriety when it was revealed that she was his lover. She then took to TikTok to share a video of herself when a troll posted a derogatory comment.

In response to Ivy’s post, a user on TikTok going by the name of Dr. Chien Dong called Ivy Ifeoma a “broomstick” and questioned what drew the musician, 41, to the woman.

“Wetin paul dey enjoy 4 this broomstick.” He wrote.

Ivy responded in a funny way, seemingly unconcerned by the offensive remark.

Ivy responded to the offensive remark by posting a video of herself with one of Tinubu’s well-known speeches playing in the background.

Ivy Ifeoma, the new love of Nigerian artist Paul Okoye, recently shot back at those who were critical of their relationship.

Remember when Paul, whose wife, Anita, filed for divorce from him in 2021, revealed Ify as his new lover on Sunday, December 11 at their first anniversary.

The adorable couple attended church together, and in a video he posted, he calls her “my beautiful.” They have been dating for a year, but he only recently made it public, he added.

Ifeoma received a flood of criticism from online users who said that she was too young to be dating the 41-year-old artist after Paul made their relationship public.

Ifeoma attacked her critics in a video she posted online as a response to the criticism, branding them “bitter souls.”

“Bitter souls hovering around the earth. But it’s between you and God.” She wrote.

A male friend was also sighted in the video saying, “we are chilling cos e dey pain them”.

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