“Let’s just be friendly for now,” said the BBTitans. – Yemi and Blue Aiva part ways

BBTitans Yemi Cregx, who eventually called it quits with his “side chic,” Blue Aiva, has asked that they keep up a cordial friendship.

Yemi was questioned by Ebuka about why he typically sneaks out of bed at two in the morning on Sunday night during the elimination show to kiss Blue Aiva.

Khosi, his love interest, was saddened despite Yemi’s clear denial of Ebuka’s assertions.

Speaking with her, Yemi said:

“Let’s just be cordial for now. Not like I don’t want to do this, but it’s too much for me right now. It won’t change my feelings towards you.”

He also gave her the freedom to chose whom she wan to be with.

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