“Leave me alone!” – Nengi roars at fans enquiring about her and Ozo following Saga-Nini engagement

Nengi, a BBNaija star, has begged internet users to refrain from asking her about her upcoming engagement to Ozo.

Recall that Saga and Nini Singh, co-stars on BBNaija, surprised Nigerians on Friday, March 31st, by getting engaged.

Some fans were reminded of Nengi and Ozo’s friendship from the BBNaija programme because of how close the two had become while living together in the house.

Some people had made the decision to harass her by asking her when she and Ozo will be travelling the same route as Saga and Nini.

Nengi, who had grown tired of the inquiries, resorted to Twitter to enquire as to why they had developed such a strange obsession with her.

She roared at the curious fans, asking them to back off and leave her alone.

“Why y’all so OBSESSED with me ????? It’s not normal at this point . LEAVE ME ALONE !!!!!,” she said.

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