Landlady Evicts Tenant After He Saved Her From Her Abusive Lover

A Ugandan man has recounted the shocking manner his landlady showed appreciation for rescuing her from a domestic violence situation.

The guy known as Maps said he noticed she was being abused by her man, so he intervened and took her to her mother’s place for her safety.

However, during the weekend, the landlady returned with her lover and evicted him with immediate effect while giving him the money he dropped as down payment for rent.

He also revealed that she reinbursed him for the petrol in the car that got exhausted when he drove her to her mum’s place.

Maps wrote; “I was renting, Land lady was being physically abused and I went to intervene and saved her. I further drove her to her Mom’s so she could be safe… That weekend they both came to evict me and she gave me my Deposit and petrol money.”

“No good deeds goes unpunished, I kept asking myself what was i doing, i laugh now but it was sad then to be evicted. i even at some point thought of driving to her Mom to tell her. I was so confused.”

“She looked at me like i was the one who physically abused her, the guy just stood there and said absolutely nothing…I was so shocked and confused, that time when she knocked I thought she came to thank me for the other day. She even had my Deposit in Cash, plus reimbursement of driving her to her Mom.”

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