Lady surprises her mother after graduation, rushes to market, and kneels in dirty water before her mom, she signs on her shirt

With a video showing her running to the market and knelt in muddy water to honour her mother after graduation, a young Nigerian woman won hearts.

Social media users posted this heartwarming moment, which captivated viewers all throughout the country.

The woman, whose identity is withheld, made the decision to make her mother the centre of attention on a special day that commemorated her scholastic achievement.

She unexpectedly paid a visit to a neighbourhood market where her mother was engaged in her daily tasks.

She walked up to her mother, holding a gorgeously decorated cake in her hands, grinning.

The mother, unaware of her daughter’s surprise visit, left everything she was doing and rushed to embrace her graduate daughter.

The joy on her face was evident as she signed her daughter’s white graduation shirt.

The lady brought out a bundle of new banknotes and began showering her mother with money.

She wrote;

“Mum I made it. I fulfilled my promise.”

Watch the video below

Netizens Reactions…

@Obianuju said; “How una take Dey get money for this school wey we Dey so.”

@Chidera Precious said: “Dear mom you will live to witness this day.”

@amarachigoodness48 said: “Omo but the girl humble ooo, she still knelt even while spraying her mum money.” 

@omodano said: “She get respect sha. I luv this display. God bless you both.”

@Mayaspef said: “Watching this video knwing fully well that my mum that promised to sign on my t-shirt is now dead hurts me so badly.”

@Desire-Anna said: “Who is cutting onions I wish my mom and dad were still alive to see mine.”

@ojijacollinss said: “I tap from your grace to make mommy proud IJN Amen.” 

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