Lady Secretly Leaves Phone On Recording While Visiting In-Laws, Pretends to Use Toilet

A woman sparked outrage online after urging women to record their phone calls when visiting in-laws.

She recommended that when visiting in-laws, one pretend to use the restroom and leave a phone recording on the table.

The goal of this advise was to record talks and maybe obtain proof.

She stated:

“When you visit your inlaws, pretend to have gone to the toilet and leave your phone on the table and recording. Thank me later.”

Reacting to this, a lady recounted how she played the same trick and discovered that her man and his family plotted to use her because she was rich.

“I even heard my boyfriend saying he’s in it because of the money alone”, the lady sadly said

Another woman described how she secretly taped talks during her mother’s burial because she suspected her father’s family was intending to exploit the circumstance.

When the time was right, she played the recording through a Bluetooth speaker, revealing their relatives’ actual intentions.

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