Lady regrets not ‘eating’ her bestfriend’s boyfriend after she allegedly stole her wigs, money and handbags

After allegedly stealing her handbags and wigs, a South African Twitter user expressed sorrow over not ‘eating’ her best friend’s partner.

According to @Mhana_Fumo, after her money was initially taken, she started to overthink before spotting the perpetrator with one of her stolen wigs and a handbag. She continued by saying that she ought to have “eaten” her best friend’s boyfriend when he was making a proposal and given him her friend’s infidelity materials.

She tweeted; 

“Did I not accidentally meet my bestfriend wearing one of the four frontal wigs that were stolen and handbag. The first time she stole money in my room I thought I was overthinking . Now fortunately I know my hair and handbag.

“I should have eaten her man who has been proposing an I should have sent her cheating files to her man. But it’s fine”. 


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