Lady hints at being the next suicide victim after late UNN

Recently, reported the news of a UNN final year student named Chukwuemeka Akachi who ended his life after several years of battling a mental illness. Following his death, many Nigerians have mourned him by writing heartrending comments on his Facebook page. The comment of a particular lady has created an alarm amongst many. In her comment, this lady whose name on Facebook is Theodora Chinenye Godwin hinted that she also intends to commit suicide and end her life like the UNN student. According to her, life is useless and not worth living. This comment made by Theodora attracted the attention of a lot of Nigerians. Right on that platform, a number of people tried to talk her out of killing herself. See the comment and accompanying reactionsIn a subsequent post made on her Facebook page, Chinenye wrote something that was weird and scary. Once again, many thought this to be a hint that she wants to end her life. Theodora Chinenye who recently graduated from university is thinking of towing the path of Chukwuemeka Akachi by ending her life. Ever since she wrote what looked like a suicide note on Facebook, she has not been active on social media. This is so sad! 😔

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