Lady dumps her man after bagging degree because he was no longer on her level

A young woman admitted on social media that she dumped her boyfriend after she received her college degree.

She declared on Twitter under the handle @ RaaayT that she had stopped their relationship because she had come to the realisation that he was beneath her.

The woman claimed that after earning a degree, she had to break up contact with him because he was not making an effort to advance or better himself.

She remarked that she did not believe it was necessary for them to remain in the same location after school.

However, Ray remained mum on his educational status, lack of education, or employment in the unskilled labour sector.

She wrote; “I just graduated from college and I realized a nigga was not on my level and wasn’t trying to be. You can’t help a nigga who doesn’t want to help themselves. I had a major wake up call, just getting a degree, there was no need for him to be in my space any longer.”

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