Lady calls out baby daddy for spitefully cutting son’s dreads

After an argument, a young woman scolds her baby father for rough-housing her son’s dreads.

Kitaa Nicole

Kitaa, a mother of two, introduced herself. Nicole vented her ire on Facebook in response to her baby daddy’s cruel ruination of her son’s dreads.

Kitaa described how she disagreed with the man before leaving her kids with him for the evening.

Sharing the screenshot of the chat she had with her son’s father, she wrote;Lady calls out baby daddy for cutting son's dreads

“My boys went to spend a night with their dad and this ts he chose to do!!! My baby is so hurt and embarrassed and I’m hurt bc I know how he loved his hair


He don’t even wanna go back to school. 

I’ma make one last post about this situation since I have so many new concerned friends. My boys dad has been cutting hair for over 10 years. He knows how to cut hair professionally but chose to do that to my son’s hair outta spite.Lady calls out baby daddy for cutting son's dreads

My son has had his hair for years and his dad actually lines it up whenever he gets them. We had a disagreement last week about the twist and that’s what prompted this behavior!!! OAN the fact that he told my son, “now you can grow it back out but if your mom put twist, braids, or dreads in it, I’ma cut it again” shows just the kinda person he is!!”

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