KRA Suspects to Appear in Court⚖ Over Graft

Several Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) employees are expected in court on Monday over claims of corruption.
The suspects were locked up in groups at Central, Kilimani and Parklands police stations where they spent the weekend.
The suspects include junior officers and their bosses. They are accused of aiding tax evasion. Most of the suspects are at the entry level cadre known as “officer” which is under “supervisor”.

It is, however, unclear what role KRA would play in the prosecution of its employees even as details emerge about covert operations that unearthed the massive fraud.
Information gathered by the spies will be central to the prosecution with some workers being lined up to testify against their interdicted colleagues.
Most of the affected were junior officials whose fault, according to insiders, was asking for favours from clients in exchange for services.

Source: Duta

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