Kirinyaga man flees after killing son over Sh135 change

Police are looking for a man suspected of killing his five-year-old son for failing to bring back Sh135 change from the shop.
The man’s seven-year-old daughter escaped death narrowly after she attempted to rescue her brother from the suspect. She is admitted to Kimbimbi County Hospital.
Murinduko location chief Joseph Kariuki said the 36-year-old suspect sent the boy to a nearby kiosk at about 3pm, on Tuesday, to buy goods worth Sh65.
“When the child failed to bring back the balance from the Sh200 note he had given him, the father assaulted him causing him severe neck injuries which led to his death,” he said.
The suspect’s wife returned home after receiving distress calls from neighbours and found her son’s lifeless body lying on the floor. Her daughter was also lying on the floor unconscious.
The suspect has since fled from the village to escape lynching by angry residents.
Police in Mwea East sub-county confirmed they were pursuing the man whose identity is well known.
According to the area chief, the suspect, a casual labourer within the village, meted out regular beatings to his wife and children.

Source: standard media

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