Kano Hisbah evacuates teenage girls engaged in night hawking, says it ‘often lead to immoral acts’

In an effort to stop nighttime selling, the Kano state Hisbah Board has detained minor females at the Sabon Titi motor park in the state’s Kumbotso Local Government Area.

Recall that Malama Kulsum Kasim, the women’s wing of the Hisbah Deputy Commander General, had earlier led a group that evacuated female street vendors from the metropolitan local government regions.

She claims that young girls selling groundnuts, tiger nuts, onions, cola nuts, ground nut biscuits, and vegetables make up the majority of individuals who are involved in nocturnal hawking.

She emphasised that some were seen selling their wares late at night in markets, car parks, roadside mechanic shops, and other locations.

One of Hisbah principal officers who led the ongoing operation, Malama Rabi Bello pointed out that the large number of young girls roaming the streets under the guise of hawking was alarming.

She stated that business owners at the motor park informed the team that the young girls, mostly from rural areas, were engaged in night peddling of goods that often lead to immoral acts.

While commending Hisbah for its tireless efforts, traders at the motor park appealed to parents and guardians, to desist from sending their children especially young girls to markets and motor parks for buying and selling at night.

Some of those apprehended who spoke to Radio Nigeria, appealed for leniency and promised not to engage in such acts in future.

Kano State Hisbah Board is saddled with responsibilities, of promoting good moral upbringing and prohibiting prostitution, sale and consumption of alcohol, street begging and other acts of immorality. 

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