Controversial, dramatic Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, actually settled down to mock Nigerian music stars and renowned comedian Basketmouth  on her Instagram page. Involved in her ridicule, were Phyno, Davido, Wizkid, 2face Idibia and Basketmouth. She posted photoshopped pictures of them at 75 years. As ridiculous as the act is, the pictures are downright funny!  She then asks ladies to chose their sugar daddies, while she picked Phyno as hers.

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In her caption, she wrote ” LADIES!!!! They are now 75yo. Who will your Sugar daddy be  @phynofino looks like a farmer. He’s my choice. I will be 99yo and be rested well in the farm This my age progression software finished Starboy and Adeleke Ehn too much faaji when they were young. Tuface nko? @annieidibia1 we’re coming for your man”

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Its definitely a relief to see the journalist in such a good mood, we’re sued to her clashing and trolling people who have alleged angered or betrayed her on social media. However she recently made the declaration of forgiveness and it appears she’s keeping to it.

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Late in the month of May, Kemi Olunloyo declared a clean slate for all the people that have  wronged her. Taking to her Instagram, Olunloyo mentioned that though it is hard to forgive and forget at the same time, she is willing to forgive the actress as well as Davido and other people that have hurt her in this life

X celebrities that clashed in 2018

She wrote,

FORGIVENESS: I am letting go for CLOSURE. Iyabo Ojo and Davido are forgiven
Sometimes you can’t forgive but forget, other times you can’t forget but forgive. Today May 25th 2019 I am forgiving and forgetting those that have hurt me starting with Iyabo Ojo and Davido.

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Before she came to this truce, the DMW music boss, Davido, and controversial journalist, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo, constantly fought fire for fire on social media. It all started with the rumour that the singer had separated from his popular girlfriend, Chioma. Olunloyo then used the opportunity to taunt the star, urging him to reveal his hidden secret to the public.

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Davido shot back saying that the journalist has been starved of bedroom action which is why she behaved the way she did. Kemi has also championed the investigation into the report that the Omo Baba Olowo fathered another daughter with a third babymama.

Kemi Olunloyo tagged that as sexual harrasment and kept on trolling. She then stated that she deserves an apology from singer Davido whom she claims sexually assaulted her. She made this know after a fan asked to know why she’s always attacking the singer on social media.

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The fan asked: “Mama what do u want…..maybe i can inform @iam_Davido to give u…. Cuz me i don’t understand u again.”

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Kemi Olunloyo replied saying: “An apology for sexually harassing me on Twitter. I was the one wiping his tears off at Vero’s funeral after she died of a drug overdose on Deji’s 40th birthday #BabaOlowo a tragedy we all witnessed. Very ungreatful child. He was almost 11yo that year #HNNKemi”.

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