“It’s nobody’s business” – Blessing Okoro reacts to speculation about her alleged romantic affair with popular car dealer IVD

Blessing Okoro has responded to rumours that she had a sexual relationship with well-known car dealer IVD, who allegedly lost his wife Bimbo in a domestic altercation.

Remember how the self-proclaimed relationship specialist garnered media attention yesterday after she posted on Instagram to commend an unnamed man for getting her name tattooed on his hand? She wrote “never say never” in response to a follower who suggested that it might be IVD.

However, Blessing Okoro said last night during a live interview with media personality Daddy Freeze that workplaces are often where people first meet the people they end up falling in love with.

The self-acclaimed relationship expert who did not confirm or deny her alleged affair with IVD, added that she doesn’t owe the public any explanation as it is her private life.

She also alleged that many are running with the narratives online without even hearing IVD’s side of the story of the alleged domestic abuse.

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