Indian politician with 9 eligible family members, breaks down in tears after getting 5 votes POSTED BY LAWRENCE A. ON MAY 25, 2019

An Indian politician was reduced to tears after he got only 5 votes in an election.

Neetu Shuttern Wala stood independently as he contested for the Jalandhar seat in Punjab. When the votes were counted, he claimed to have gotten only 5 votes and he broke down in tears, not because of his loss but because it appeared his family members didn’t vote for him.

Neetu had 9 family members eligible to vote so he was distraught when he saw only 5 votes, making him believe he didn’t even get his family’s vote.

In a trending video, Neetu is seen granting an interview but he was too emotional to go on and he broke down in tears while expressing his disappointment with his family.

“I have a family of nine people but I still got only fie votes,” he said crying.

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