In advance of the 2023 Formula One season, Lewis Hamilton asserts that Mercedes is NOT emulating Red Bull despite the rivalry between their vehicles.

Despite many other Formula 1 team copying Red Bull, Lewis Hamilton claims Mercedes will never do so.

This week, the Silver Arrows unveiled their brand-new W14 vehicle.

Hamilton’s new motor features a return to the sleek black livery sported in the 2020 and 2021 seasons – while focusing on being lighter and more aerodynamic.

Toto Wolff and Co. have avoided going down the route of making their car more like Red Bull’s high-performing RB18, with Hamilton proud of Merc’s own creativity and innovation.

Amid the likes of McLaren taking inspiration from Red Bull’s side-pods, Hamilton said: “Of course, you can see that some of the cars are approaching what a Red Bull might look like, perhaps with the exception of Ferrari.

I don’t think we’ve ever been a team that copied other people.”

“I’m hoping 2023 will show that we’ve figured out how to solve the issues and enhance the car’s overall product.”

“W13 definitely had a performance that we were never able to unlock and put all of its downforce on the ground,” he added.

“At the season’s conclusion, our car ran very well.”

However, there were still some tracks where there was the infamous bouncing, and the car never gave the drivers adequate feedback, which prevented them from pushing all the way.

“We have made an effort to preserve the best aspects of the W13 while addressing its flaws.”

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