“I’m tired of acting in village movies,” Bella Ebinum fumes after the AMVCA snub

Actress Bella Ebinum of Nollywood has said that she is sick of appearing in regional movies and wants to move on.

Social media users had previously criticized the AMVCA organizers for skipping the just ended award ceremonies and omitting Asaba movie actors Yul Edochie, Destiny Etiko, and Zubby Michael.

The actress believes she is sick of portraying characters from tiny towns and is ready to move on. She criticized filmmakers for making movies about witchcraft and recommended them to change the way they work.

She urged them to produce high-caliber movies and stories in the hopes that they might someday be acknowledged for their work.

In her words, “Do good movies; every time you people will keep repeating the same stories. I’m tired of acting in village movies; let’s upgrade. When you upgrade, they will recognize you, people. I don’t blame them for not recognizing you; just do good movies.”

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